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Against the backdrop of the recent upsurge in cyberattacks against small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland, Trust Valley, in collaboration with the Canton of Vaud, is laying on a pioneering cybersecurity and digital trust support programme to support SMEs from the Lake Geneva region in the face of such cyberattacks.

By pooling expertise and skills from that region, this support programme, called Trust4SMEs, provides a regional response to cyberthreats by improving the understanding of the cyber-risks and digital trust issues facing SMEs. This support plan offers diagnostics/assessments, awareness-raising initiatives, executive and team training courses, personalised coaching and discussion groups as well as measures and advice for improvement from experts and experienced service providers.

With a view to ensuring that this programme and its results benefit as many as possible at national level, Trust Valley with the support of the National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) has created the publication Digital Security: A Practical Guide for SMEs, a compendium of best practices regarding cybersecurity and digital trust for Swiss SMEs. This publication brings together best practices, tools and resources from the Trust4SMEs support programme. It is a compilation of, among other things, advice, experience and expertise drawn from over 50 hours of events, discussions and exchanges involving programme participants and partners.

Digital Security: A Practical Guide for SMEs seeks to offer a free-of-charge, independent and scalable reference tool to raise Swiss SMEs’ awareness and support them in the process of improving their digital security skills and, ultimately, increase the cyber-resilience of the business community at national level.


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