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The guide “Digital security: a practical guide for SMEs” aims to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland with the knowledge and tools they need to better protect themselves against cyber attacks and to respond efficiently to an incident.

It brings together tips, field reports and expert knowledge from more than 50 hours of events, discussions and talks held as part of the Trust4SMEs programme to promote cyber security and digital trust. Each year, this programme provides diagnostics, awareness-raising, leadership training and personalised coaching, as well as improvement actions and tips to around twenty SMEs in the Lake Geneva region. For more information, visit:

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Trust Valley does not guarantee the quality, completeness, accuracy, reliability, relevance or availability of the information and content contained in this guide. Users of this guide are solely responsible for determining the digital security measures appropriate to their situation and for ascertaining their effectiveness.

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2023 © Trust Valley. All rights reserved

2023 © Trust Valley. All rights reserved.