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Tools and diagnostics

Chapter 2

Tools and diagnostics

i. Employment screening platform – Aequivalent

www.aequivalent.ch is a Swiss digital platform for background checks of employees and managers, before and during their employment.

Through a secure online interface that is made available to the employer, Aequivalent verifies and delivers relevant information to help employers reduce the risk of inappropriate employment. The platform offers a number of standardised verification programmes and promises an optimised experience for candidates and employees who must comply with the requirements of their current or future employer. Criminal record extracts, debt enforcement office extracts and the extract of driver and vehicle authorisation measures can be ordered on the platform.


U.S.T.A. cyberthreat intelligence platform from PRODAFT

U.S.T.A., which has been continuously growing since 2012, is one of the first cyberintelligence platforms ever developed. Featuring a synergy of threat intelligence, fraud intelligence and brand protection modules, U.S.T.A. responds directly and effectively to complex cyberthreats.


Cybersecurity questionnaire from cyber-safe

The cyber-safe cybersecurity questionnaire tests your IT systems, your employees and your governance in order to identify vulnerabilities so that you can compile an inventory of your cybersecurity.


Cyber Cockpit from SmartCockpit

Strategic decision-making now requires an overview of the organisation through the prism of performance, risk, quality, audit and project management, and an information transparency and transversality model based on good data governance. The Swiss-made smartcockpit software has a control module that focuses on information security. This provides you with the basic building blocks to mitigate your cyber-risks and demonstrate a high level of organisational maturity.


Rumya GDPR/FADP from Rumya

Designed by data protection and IT security specialists, Rumya GDPR is a software package that offers a concrete response to companies subject to data protection regulations. It is easy to implement, offers a very pragmatic approach and provides your company with efficient day-to-day support.


ImmuniWeb Discovery from ImmuniWeb

ImmuniWeb® Discovery uses open source intelligence (OSINT) and our award-winning AI technology to shine a light on a company’s attack surface and exposure to the dark web. This non-intrusive and production-safe platform is ideally suited to continuous self-assessment and supplier risk assessment to prevent attacks on the supply chain.


cyber-safe.ch label

Backed by an association created in 2018, cyber-safe.ch is the first Swiss cybersecurity label developed by and for SMEs and communes. This label, which is recognised by the Confederation as part of its national cyber-risk protection strategy, involves compiling a neutral and independent inventory of your cybersecurity, defining your priority actions and verifying their actual implementation with a view to obtaining the label – and all at an affordable price!


Exoscale SOS (= Simple Object Storage)

A cloud-based data storage service, ideal for companies that want to outsource their backup data and to have secure, highly available and scalable storage while keeping control of their budget.

Exoscale SOS protects your data against ransomware, which cannot encrypt your most sensitive information. The service is available in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. It integrates with your existing backup software.


Phishing campaign platform – sequal

sequal phishing is a Swiss platform for phishing campaigns. This application is designed for companies, and more particularly for their information security managers (Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Data Protection Officer (DPO), etc.), so that they can protect their users against malicious emails. Indeed, information security is above all a human endeavour, given that nearly 85% of successful computer attacks are due to error, inattention or a lack of user awareness.

This solution is in line with sequal’s core business, which is to support its customers in the implementation of best practices in terms of information security, based on the ISO 27001 standard.


Strong Network: Secure workspace for code development

Strong Network accelerates code development with secure containerized development environments that provide access to ready-to-use online coding and data science environments. These environments protect against data and credential leakage, while maintaining developer experience and productivity. Increase the productivity of your IT development while reinforcing your security posture.


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