〈   Responsibilities of members of the board of directors
Roles and responsibilities of board members

Chapter 1.2

What is the directors’ role?

In recent years, surveys of executives and directors have shown an awareness of cyberissues in Switzerland. However, it is taking time for this awareness to be reflected in practical measures and actions. There are major risks associated with cybercrime and data protection today.

In terms of the management of a company’s digital assets, the board of directors has a unique role involving not only a supervisory but also a fiduciary responsibility.

Obviously, boards of directors are not there to implement detailed solutions, or to discuss operations for each sector. Having said that, maintaining an ongoing discussion with the specialised teams and with the various businesses in the company makes it possible to manage this cybersecurity more effectively and to avoid the risks.

Strong proactive cyber-risk management results in overall mitigation of the risks that can harm company sustainability.

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