Legislation and Compliance

The objective of this module is to provide a better understanding of the legal underpinning of data protection and distil out of this some practical steps to apply. The module is divided into four sections.

The Swiss Data Protection Act (FADP and nFADP)

This section sets out details of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and highlights its guiding principles as well as the issues involved in this legislation.The second part of this section provides an introduction to the revision of the Data Protection Act (the new Federal Act on Data Protection, or nFADP) and presents […]

The Swiss Data Protection Act (FADP)

The Data Protection Act (FADP) is a federal law, dating from 1992, which applies to the processing of personal data. In response to technological developments, a new Data Protection Act (nFADP) was adopted in January 2021. The nFADP will come into force in September 2023 and does not provide for a transition period for compliance. […]

Who is affected by this law?

All companies processing personal data in Switzerland must comply with the requirements of the comply with the requirements of the DPA.The DPA also applies when data processing takes place outside of Switzerland, but concerns natural persons established in Switzerland.

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