〈   Legislation and Compliance
The Swiss Data Protection Act (FADP and nFADP)

Chapter 1.1

The Swiss Data Protection Act (FADP)

The Data Protection Act (FADP) is a federal law, dating from 1992, which applies to the processing of personal data.

In response to technological developments, a new Data Protection Act (nFADP) was adopted in January 2021. The nFADP will come into force in September 2023 and does not provide for a transition period for compliance.

The nFADP seeks to protect the fundamental rights of natural persons established in Switzerland who are subject to the processing of personal data by private companies or by the state. The law introduces new duties for companies, in particular in case of collection, loss or misuse of personal data.

It is therefore important for Swiss companies to familiarise themselves with the implications and new requirements of this law in order to ensure their compliance.

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