〈   Responsibilities of members of the board of directors
Identifying opportunities to use digital trust to promote business development

Chapter 3.1

Corporate digital responsibility

Today, the notion of cybersecurity is tending to evolve towards issues of corporate digital responsibility. Given how much is at stake for customers, a company that positions itself as a leader on these issues reassures its partners of its ability to anticipate risks and understand threats.

Why do boards not view cybersecurity as a matter of strategic importance?

Cybersecurity is technology-centric and often translates into notions such as confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and data. This entails vigilance surrounding computers, infrastructure, vulnerabilities, and so on.

However, members of the board of directors should focus on:

  • business risks for operations;
  • strategic business leadership;
  • risk, reputation and business continuity objectives.

Digital security is a strategic and vital asset for your company, and it is up to board members to set the pace.

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