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Identifying opportunities to use digital trust to promote business development

Chapter 3.2

Cybersecurity versus digital trust

Through corporate digital responsibility, cybersecurity can become an asset for companies. An organisation that adopts best practices in this area would turn risk into an asset. However, it must be aware of certain limitations in this regard:

  • No company has the resources to resolve all cybersecurity issues.
  • Not all solutions are equally important.
  • Cybersecurity technologists have a poor understanding of how your company does business.

To overcome these limitations, a certain number of priorities should be defined. This process starts with:

  • listing your company’s most critical business activities;
  • identifying how cyberattacks could disrupt them;
  • prioritising mitigation of the most critical cyberattacks;
  • informing technologists of your vision;
  • discussing crisis management.

Some companies hit by cyberattacks can actually emerge stronger from making the attack public. By managing such a crisis effectively, a company can enhance its value. In the eyes of partners, suppliers, customers, authorities and the general public, observing efficient cybercrisis management and cyber-resilience is reassuring and affords long-term benefits.

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