〈   Responsibilities of members of the board of directors
Working at board level on the risks of cyberattacks

Chapter 2.2

Engage in discussion with specialists

By engaging in a discussion with teams about fiduciary responsibility and responsibility for monitoring, members of the board of directors empower themselves to adopt proactive and robust cyber-risk management. They reduce the ongoing gap regarding the understanding and accessibility of the digital environment, and therefore its security, i.e. cybersecurity.

At strategic and operational levels, proactive management of these issues is now a strategic and vital asset, making it possible to live up to your fiduciary responsibilities towards shareholders and business risk monitoring.

Sometimes, an intermediate layer can be useful between the experts in charge of operations and the board of directors: the subcommittees making up this layer will have the task of translating the issues and risks into strategy. In these bodies, board members should be mixed with not only experts in the relevant area but also representatives of various businesses (preferably people with sensitivity to that area). They will thus be able to report information from various sectors (finance, accounting, marketing, sales, etc.).

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